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IPT Acquires Peterson Energy Management

In December 2012, Integrated Petroleum Technologies, Inc. (IPT) acquired Loveland, Colorado-based Peterson Energy Management.

The combined companies form a petroleum engineering services company with the most vertically integrated solutions in the industry, able to offer a complete slate of engineering and field supervision to enhance the customer's well productivity.

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Integrated Petroleum Technologies (IPT) is an industry-leading independent petroleum engineering services team specializing in the integration of modern well completion, hydraulic fracture stimulation and reservoir engineering technologies. In 2010, IPT provided services on over 4,000 well completions with the majority of our work occurring in the USA. We are specialists at optimizing reservoir responses and emphasize appropriate field implementation.

Our staff consists of managers, specialists, supervisors, senior engineers and engineers with expertise derived from their combined 350+ years of experience at numerous petroleum companies and six different hydraulic fracturing service companies. This allows us to offer a wide range of quality petroleum engineering services. We provide our clients experienced recommendations that use know-how developed from activity in many different areas with numerous well completion and hydraulic fracture stimulation applications.

We look forward to continuing to help our clients succeed in their reservoir optimization efforts and sincerely thank them for their support over the years. We also look forward to developing lasting relationships with new clients and to continuing to be a petroleum engineering services industry leader. Please click here to contact us.

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